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IQbook is an organizer planner with a power bank and digital pen, which was designed to better organize your work and home tasks daily in one place.

Ksenia Kondrat, Founder

Thank you for visiting our page. My name is Ksenia Kondrat. And I’m a working mother of two children. I have to work to support my family, and like any other mom, I feel guilty about it because I can’t spend more time with my children. I realized that better planning could help me to do my daily work faster and get back to my kids earlier. I tried to find the perfect planning system for me, but I can't. So, I invented it by myself. Then with time, I realized that I could work even faster if I use a recorder in the places when I can't write some notes, to keep some thinking, plans, records, meetings, goals, etc. And also, I had a problem with my always switched off the phone, because of the low battery charge, especially when I need to talk with someone out of the office. So, I need to bare power bank all the time with me. In general, I should always have carried the notebook, recorder, USB, power bank and wallet with me. It's a lot of stuff to carry on you know! And then I decided: why not to create an organizer planner which can be small and keep all these things together in one product. My idea was to create something I would want to use by myself. That’s why I created IQbook.

It was two years ago, when I got the idea for IQbook, and now finally, with your help, we’re going to make it a reality and available for all moms all over the world. To bring this project to life, we decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign. It’s going to be a few months trip until we run our Kickstarter campaign. However, to make the campaign successful, we need to build a big community before launch. It will be a few months journey, and I’m sure we will have a wonderful time together, So, please, check out the information we have shared about the IQbook on this page and if you like it - join us on this road, be one of our first backers, get awesome rewards and help us bring this fantastic product to the market.

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The Situation

You live a busy lifestyle. There are a lot of tasks that you need to stay on top of and a lot of responsibilities that you need to keep up with. It is not always easy to be you and to live your life, but you do it anyway. Day after day, you are a hero in your resilience and in your steadfastness. We salute you. The thing is, you are feeling the weight of all the stress that you carry around with you. The problem is like a waterfall: you are stuck constantly working, which means that you can’t spend time with your kids, leaving you feeling guilty.

The Solution

IQbook organizer planner with a digital pen has been designed with working moms in mind. We know just how hectic it can be trying to keep up with your work and family life. You are always being pulled one way or another, with your time demands constantly fluctuating depending on the day of the week.

IQbook features can help make your life easier:

  • A wallet for your credit cards, driver’s license, and a little money 
  • A power bank for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device 
  • An organizer planner for keeping all your work and home tasks together. Also, it has party/meal planner, fitness activity planner, and spreadsheets for shopping
  • A lock to keep everything safe 
  • A digital pen, which has USB, recording function, mp3, and also writing function. It’s just what you need to keep track of your most important meetings and ideas. With the digital pen, you can keep and save info on your computer, and you can use it to listen to music and podcasts. 

Finally, a way to maintain balance in your life and make more time for the things that really matter!

Our Campaign

We have spent a great deal of time and effort bringing together all important features into this organizer planner and the digital pen. This is why IQbook represents the culmination of a great deal of research and development, and we are proud of the work that we have done. In order to bring it to market effectively, we are working to launch a Kickstarter campaign, through which we will raise the funds that we need to cover the costs of manufacturing, advertising, and distribution.
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